Stabilize and Restore

Getting back on the road to a balanced, healthy life

All patients with an addiction see every aspect of their lives and how they function in society transformed. Along with the neurobiological imbalances addiction brings a host of psychological, cognitive, and physical symptoms. The clinical manifestations of addiction may be biological, psychiatric, psychosocial, or spiritual.

At Nouveau Départ we understand that for addiction treatment to succeed it must be multidisciplinary and personalized:


  • A medical approach is needed to correctly diagnose patients and determine the level of treatment needed.
  • A therapeutic approach, with personalized treatment plans, takes into account the severity of the patient's condition, their social and professional environment, and the support available to them.
  • A 'biopsychosocial' approach integrates medical, psychiatric, psychological, pharmacological, and therapeutic aspects. Nouveau Départ's treatment programs also include support groups modeled on Alcoholic Anonymous (AA).
  • An approach involving the family is another important part of patient treatment.