Towards a better understanding of yourself

Group therapy is an integral part of the Nouveau Départ treatment program. We offer a wide variety of group therapy options that bring together patients with very different addiction profiles in a shared experience to help them find their voice with ease in groups led by experienced therapists. Our staff includes a social worker specialized in addiction, and a clinical sexologist who has a master's in counselling and specializes in impact therapy. A number of other specialized caregivers are also available to discuss a variety of addiction-related topics. We offer hybrid therapies that combine cognitive, behavioural, relaxation, and lifestyle aspects within a broad AA philosophy. Every therapy session includes a theoretical component and practical workshops employing methods designed to foster introspection and self-awareness and put patients on the road to wellness.

The therapy program is divided into the following themes:
Week 1: Concept of the Disease
Week 2: Coping with stress
Week 3: Relapse and prevention
Week 4: Emotions
Week 5: Defence mechanisms
Week 6: Personality structure
Week 7: Rehabilitation