Founded in 1985 by Dr. Jean -Pierre Chiasson, Nouveau Départ is a treatment center that offers specialized inpatient and outpatient services to people struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, or other forms of addiction.

Specialized treatments are designed for individuals who:
• have a compulsive psychotropic substance use;
• have lost all control over the substance;
• make continuous use of the substance despite adverse consequences, whether physical, psychological and / or social;
• are experiencing relapse after repeated attempts of withdrawal.


The expertise of Nouveau Départ is not limited only to the treatment of addiction to psychoactive substances. Indeed, an integrated treatment has been developed over the years for individuals that present a diagnosis of addiction combined with a problem of mental health.

Major public health problems, alcoholism and drug addiction, create enormous social costs. It is to the extent of this phenomenon that the staff of Nouveau Départ feels invested with the mission to mobilize all its resources to meet the needs of individuals who are victims of these dependencies in order to give them a better life.